Raisins Pack of 3 with Intense Moisturizing Shower Gel with Intense Moisturizing Body Lotion

  • Rs. 2,503.00
Ministry Of Nuts
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  • Ministry of Nuts Raisins are fluffier, juicier and bigger in size. These raisins are handpicked from the best crop available so that you get only the premium quality.
  • Raisins are rich in fiber, potassium, and antioxidants.
  • Raisins are a great source of calcium and boron
  • Body Mantra offers a unique range of body care products designed to nourish your skin with daily goodness.
  • Body Mantra Intense Moisture Range Specifically designed with 100% plant-based ingredients like aloe and rose water, provitamin B5 and other key nutrients to give your skin the unique love and care it deserves. It makes you feel refreshed and look younger with the skin revitalized and full of energy!



Manufactured by: Candor Food Ptv. Ltd. W-202A MIDC,TTC Industrial Area,
Kopar Khairane, Navi Mumbai, Thane Maharashtra 400710