Premium Cashews 1 KG (Whole Cashews/Kaju) FREE Container

  • Price - 1,399.00  (MRP Incl. all taxes)
  • W320 Cashews - Bigger & uniform size Premium Cashews.
  • Source of Calcium, Magnesium & Vitamin K.
  • Free Container - Packed in a 100% food grade, bpa-free plastic storage container.
  • Enjoy them as a snack or add them to your favourite recipes.
  • Free Shipping
Premium Cashews 1 KG (Whole Cashews/Kaju)

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Enrich Your Daily Diet With Cashews!

How Many Cashews Should We Eat Daily?

If you’re new to eating cashews daily, then it's best to begin with just 4-5 cashews.

After having 5 cashews daily for good 3 weeks, you can increase the daily intake to 10 cashews (only if you don’t suffer from any digestive issues).

Storing Cashews For Maximum Freshness

Cashews can be stored in the refrigerator for up to six months

For storage of cashews for longer than six months, freeze them at 0'F.

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Popular Searches

Q. Cashews Nutrition

A. Cashews are nutritious nuts that contain 5 grams of Protein, 157 Calories, and 9 grams of Healthy Fats per ounce (28g). They also contain Vitamin K, Magnesium, and Copper.

Q. Cashews Benefits

A. Cashews not only help to lower bad cholesterol but also promote good heart health due to their Magnesium content.

Q. Uses Of Cashews

A. You can enjoy Cashews as a snack on their own, add them to creamy gravies, blend them into smoothies, or use them in desserts.

Q. Cashews Nutrition Facts 100g

A. In a 100-gram serving of Cashews, you can find 18 grams of Protein, 31 grams of Healthy Fats, and 3.3 grams of Dietary Fiber.

Q. Cashew Nuts Benefits For Female

A. Cashews are rich in Magnesium, which helps in maintaining good heart health. Most women after a certain age face bone issues like osteoporosis and arthritis. Cashews are a good source of calcium and copper, which can improve bone density.

Q. How Many Calories In 10 Cashews?

A. A serving of 10 Cashews contains 63 Calories.

Q. Benefits of Eating Cashews At Night.

A. Cashews are rich in Tryptophan, which helps produce Serotonin and Melatonin for better sleep. The magnesium content in Cashews is known for its calming properties. A handful of cashews before bed can ease stress.

Q. What Happens If You Eat Cashews Everyday?

A. Well, eating Cashews daily can help you stay energetic. The Zinc present in cashews can improve your immunity, while Magnesium and Copper can help in increasing your bone density.

Q. Cashew Benefits For Skin

A. The Vitamin C, Zinc, and Magnesium in Cashews can help you maintain healthy, glowing skin

Q. Cashew Benefits For Hair

A. If you want to improve the health of your hair, Cashews can be beneficial. Cashews contain Copper and Phosphorus which can help enhance hair health.

Q. Cashew Nuts Benefits For Male

A. The Zinc in Cashews can help increase fertility, and the presence of Selenium can help boost Testosterone levels in men.

Q. Benefits Of Cashew Nuts For Brain

A. Cashews Contain Magnesium that helps in keeping the nervous system healthy.

Q. 100g Cashews Protein

A. A serving of 100 grams of Cashews contains 18 grams of Protein.

Q. 1 Kg Cashew Price

A. Ministry Of Nuts offers 1 Kg Big Saver Packs of Premium Cashews at Rs. 1399.

Q. Are Cashews High In Phosphorus?

A. Cashews are also relatively high in Phosphorus, with a 1-ounce serving containing around 168mg of Phosphorus, which represents about 24% of the recommended daily intake of 700mg for adults.

Q. Cashews Are Rich In Which Mineral?

A. Cashews are an excellent source of Copper. A handful of Cashews (40g) contains 70% of the recommended daily intake of Copper for adults. Copper is vital for producing blood cells and forming haemoglobin that carries oxygen in the body.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ridhi Agarwal
1kg Cashews is the best alternative snack to junk

Making my son eat healthily is a task as he loves junk snacks a lot. But I make healthy dishes for him like creamy cashew pasta and smoothies using Ministry Of Nuts cashews. These cashew nuts are bigger in size and packed in a hygienic container. They are fresh, and I got them delivered on time. The price of cashews is also reasonable. I bought their sugarcane jaggery powder too along with this.

Juhi desai
Cashews for weight loss

I’m on a weight loss journey, but I’m a big foodie. Thanks to Ministry of Nuts Cashews, they are my favorite protein-rich tasty snack which I munch on in mid-meals. Cashews for weight loss diet are good as they are low in calories and high in nutrients.

Varun Mishra
Kaju 1kg price is good and a great source of my plant protein diet.

I’m following a plant protein diet. These cashews have healthy fats and are rich in fiber. As these cashews are cholesterol-free, I carry them in my bag always. I have a handful of them daily. The quality is premium, and the price of this 1 Kg Cashews is reasonable.

Komal Jaiswal
Got this Kaju in the best price!

I have a habit of watching movies and series during weekends with my hostel roomies. And, these cashews are the perfect guilt-free snack for movie time. It’s a premium-quality packed cashew. The best part is that these cashews don’t come in loose packages. They are hygienically packed in a container, and they are offering free shipping too. I ordered it after receiving an offer message form Ministry of Nuts’ whatsapp community.

Niraj Deshmuk
These cashew nuts are great for gifting!

Best cashews for gifting. I gifted these cashews to my aunts, uncles, and parents during our family vacation time. The quality of cashews is good, and they have that perfect crunch. I think I made a good choice. Would recommend this kaju to all!