Premium California Almonds 1 KG (Badaam/Badam) FREE Container

  • Price - 1,299.00  (MRP Incl. all taxes)
  • Nonpareil Premium California Almonds | Badaam - Sourced from the best farms.
  • FREE Container - Packed in a 100% food grade, bpa-free plastic storage container.
  • Packed with Protein, Vitamin E & Fiber.
  • Perfect for Snacking or adding a Nutty twist to your recipes.
  • Free Shipping on Almonds (Badam)
California Almonds (1 kg) with FREE Container

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Premium California Almonds 1 KG (Badaam/Badam) FREE Container
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California Almonds (1 kg) with FREE Container
California Almonds (1 kg) with FREE Container
California Almonds (1 kg) with FREE Container
California Almonds

Crunch into the goodness of


California Almonds
California Almonds

What Is Activated Almonds?

Simply soaking almonds for a
few hours will make
them activated.
California Almonds

Easy to digest

Almonds contains enzyme inhibitors & tannins that can make them hard to digest.

Soaking almonds breaks down this inhibitors making them easier on digestive system.

Absorption of minerals

Activation also reduces
phytic acid improving the
body’s ability to absorb
essential minerals.

California Almonds

Storing Almonds For
Maximum Freshness

How many almonds should
we eat daily?

If you’re new to eating almonds daily, then it's best to begin with just 2 almonds.

After having 5 almonds daily for good 3 weeks, you can increase the daily intake to 10 almonds (only if you don’t suffer from any digestive issues).

Now for the people with optimum digestive capacity, who exercises daily, drinks enough water and habituated to have almonds since long can have 20 almonds daily.

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Q. Almonds Nutrition

A. A serving of Almonds contains 162 Calories, 15g of Healthy Fats, 6g of Protein, and 3g of Fiber. Additionally, Almonds are rich in Vitamin E, Magnesium, and antioxidants.

Q. Almonds Benefits

A. Almonds are a great source of Vitamin E and Antioxidants, which benefit skin and heart health respectively. They also aid in muscle repair post exercise.

Q. How To Eat Almonds?

A. Here are three ways to enjoy almonds: eat them as a snack, blend them into milk, or use them as a mix-in for your desserts.

Q. Types Of Almonds

A. Almonds have two types: Pareil and Non-Pareil. Nonpareil almonds have a thin outer shell and a smooth surface, making them easy to process.

Q. Almonds Benefits For Women

A. Almonds are beneficial for women, especially during their teenage years when they face a lot of skin issues. Almonds contain Healthy Fatty Acids and Vitamin E, which support healthy skin. Additionally, they are good

Q. Almonds Nutrition Facts 100g

A. In a 100-gram serving of Almonds, you can find 21 grams of Protein, 44 grams of Healthy Fats and 11.8 grams of Dietary Fiber.

Q. How Many Almonds To Eat Per Day?

A. There's no set number of Almonds to eat daily since everyone's digestive capacity is different. If you're new to eating Almonds, start with five and gradually increase to 10 over three weeks if you don't experience

Q. How Many Almonds Should I Eat In A Day To Build Muscle?

A. To build muscle, you can eat up to 20 Almonds per day if you exercise regularly and stay hydrated. When using dry fruits in recipes, add cooling ingredients like fennel, melon seeds, poppy seeds, or rose petals.

Q. Almond Benefit For Male

A. Almonds are rich in Protein, Zinc, and Fiber, which can improve men's sexual health. They also promote healthy skin and hair.

Q. Almond Benefits For Skin

A. The Fatty Acids in Almonds prevent skin dryness, and Vitamin E helps reduce wrinkles and dark circles.

Q. Benefits Of Almonds For Brain

A. Almonds are rich in L-carnitine and Riboflavin, which promote growth of brain cells. Additionally, they contain Phenylalanine, a chemical that enhances cognitive function.

Q. How To Eat Almonds In The Morning?

A. Soak 5 Almonds at night and peel them to have in the morning.

Q. How To Eat Almonds For Weight Gain?

A. To gain weight, try having Almond Banana Smoothies or freezing Almonds with dark chocolate.

Q. Is It Better To Eat Almonds With Skin Or Without Skin?

A. Almonds with skin contain enzyme inhibitors and tannins. Soaking them overnight enhances their digestibility and nutrient absorption.

Q. Almonds Protein Per 100g

A. Almonds have 21 grams of Protein per 100g.

Q. Fat In Almonds Per 100g

A. Almonds contain 49g of Total Fat per 100g, with 44g being Healthy Fats.

Q. Almonds For Heart Health

A. Almonds are rich in Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated Fats, which can help lower LDL cholesterol levels, making them a heart-healthy snack option.

Q. Almonds For Diabetic Patients

A. Almonds are high in Protein, Fibre and Fat but low in carbs and sugar to support blood sugar balance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Almonds 1 KG

Honestly I find the price of Almonds higher but thought of giving a try since I know the brand and was excited to have FREE container which is worth 200. I am happy with the quality of Almonds and yes the quality of container is top notch I can use it in oven and in my refrigerator. Strongly recommended, give it a try.

Sonu Cheema
I could feel the benefits of eating badam regularly.

I've been consuming Badaam from Ministry Of Nuts for a year now. Pleased with my progress, I can now say that I have felt the change in my energy levels, and my cholesterol has also gone down because of incorporating it as a part of my healthy diet. Kudos to Ministry of Nuts for consistently delivering premium-quality almonds."

Dilip Singh
This California Almonds are great source of protein

I hit the gym daily. My morning starts with eating 10 of these California Almonds every day. I blend the overnight soaked almonds with milk, adding rose water, melon seeds, and fennel for bringing in cooling effects in badam milk. Well, how many almonds to eat in a day completely depends on one's digestion. The almonds from Ministry of Nuts have a premium price, but the quality is worth it.

Priyanka Dubey
This California Almonds are bigger in size and has a good nutty taste than regular almonds.

To be honest, earlier, I didn’t know the difference between regular almonds and California Almonds. Now that my notorious kid has started eating solid food for a year, I am someone who is very cautious about what he eats in a day. Just like other kids, he is a very selective eater. To ensure that at least he gets some nutrients, I give him these almonds during his playtime. Though the price of these almonds is premium, all my orders till now have been delivered fresh, and the almonds are of good quality always. Keep up with the quality. This California Almonds are bigger in size and has a sweet taste.

Great quality California Almonds. Beneficial for woman.

Almonds from Ministry Of Nuts have become my go-to snack, seamlessly fitting into my busy schedule. I believe what we eat has a significant impact on how our skin looks. This non-pareil California Almonds are a source of getting in those vitamin E, magnesium, and antioxidants that are important for skin health. I would recommend these almonds to all my lovely ladies as the quality is reliable.

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