Pack of 2 Dates & Figs

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 Dates & Figs

Ministry of Nuts Dates are bigger, softer, juicy and 100% natural. They are nutritious and have high disease-fighting antioxidants. They have a good quantity of protein, fiber and vitamin B6, while boosting brain functionality, reducing risk of cancer and diabetes, and promoting the health of your kidneys. Our dates are good for an active lifestyle and perfect for daily routine. Ministry of Nuts figs are bigger in size, brighter, light brown, handpicked from the best farms. Figs also have a good amount of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Magnesium. Figs aid weight loss, controls blood pressure and improves digestive wellness.Figs are good for an active lifestyle perfect for daily routine.Our Figs are stored hygienically in food grade packaging material and they go through multiple levels of checks during the processing stage to retain their freshness and uniformity in terms of size, taste and color

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