Premium Walnuts (200g) I Akhrot

  • Price - 499.00  (MRP Incl. all taxes)
  • Our Premium Walnuts or Akhrot are a rare plant-based source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids.
  • Beneficial for both Brain and Heart Health.
  • Indulge in them as a snack or use them to elevate your recipes to a new height of yumminess.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Geet Oberoi
My Family Loves Walnut Smoothie

I'm totally hooked on tossing these Walnuts into my morning smoothies! They give my smoothies that extra nutrition that I'm always craving. I just add Milk, Walnuts and Banana. Also, for the flavour I add cinnamon powder to it. I serve them in the evening after we all reach home. It’s really a hit in my family. Thanks, for keeping up good quality of Akhrots and I’ll try other healthy snacks too from your brand.

Simran Arora
Walnuts Nutrition For Keto Diet

These Walnuts are an absolute essential for those of us sticking to a keto diet. Let me tell you why I love them. First off, they're low in Carbs, which is crucial for staying in keto diet and burning Fat for fuel. But that's not all - they're also packed with Healthy Fats, which are exactly what we need to keep our energy levels up. I can't stress enough how important it is to have snacks like these on hand when you're following a keto lifestyle. Got these Walnuts at the best price!

Payal Deshmukh
Fresh Walnuts And Good In Taste

I gotta say, I'm super impressed with how these Walnuts were packed up! They arrived at my doorstep looking perfect, not a single one was crushed or damaged. And here's the best part - they stayed fresh for a long time! Plus, it has resealable zip lock packaging so I don’t have to worry about its storage. It's like they were just picked yesterday. Definitely gonna be ordering these again!

Heena Goel
Great For Adding In Walnuts Recipes

Great quality Walnuts! I use them in my baking all the time and they always turn out delicious. Whether it's adding a delightful texture to a batch of brownies or enriching the flavour profile of my favorite cupcakes, these Walnuts never disappoint. Thanks for maintaining premium quality.

Sakshi Verma
I Buy Them Because Of Walnuts Health Benefits

I buy Walnuts regularly for their health benefits. They're a great source of Omega-3s! Incorporating these Walnuts into my daily diet has become a conscious choice for promoting heart health & glowing skin. Would recommend it to all who are looking forward to adding Omega-3 through a vegan source. As the taste and quality of these Walnuts are good.

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