Premium Black Raisins 200 Grams (Kishmish)

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  • Our Black Raisins or Kali Kishmish have sweetness in every bite!
  • Rich in Dietary Fibre, Iron and Antioxidants.
  • Indulge in them straight out of the pack or mix them into your desserts.
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Black Raisins

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Black Raisins
Black Raisins
Black Raisins

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Q. Black Raisins Benefits

A. You know, adding Black Raisins to our diet can do wonders for our hearts! They help check our blood pressure and cholesterol levels, which is super important for heart health. And get this, they're loaded with Potassium, which is like a special treat for our hearts, keeping them strong. Oh, and let's not forget the fibre-packed goodness in Black Raisins – it helps maintain digestive health.

Q. Black Raisins Nutrition

A. Black Raisins are a nutrient-dense snack, containing about 373 Calories per 100 grams. They include 10% of the daily recommended Iron, 8% of the daily recommended Magnesium, and 16% of the daily recommended Potassium.

Q. Black Raisins Uses

A. You can replace sugar with Black Raisins in desserts like cookies, cakes, and kheer for a touch of natural sweetness. You can also amp up the nutrition in your smoothies by adding a handful of Black Raisins.

Q. Black Raisins Benefits For Skin

A. Black Raisins are rich in Antioxidants such as Vitamin C and Flavonoids. These Antioxidants help fight free radicals, which may harm your skin cells. Inadequate Iron levels can also cause a pale complexion and dark bags beneath the eyes. However, Black Raisins contain a lot of Iron, so eating them will help you battle Iron deficiency Anaemia and minimize dark circles.

Q. Black Raisins Benefits For Male

A. The natural sugars in Black Raisins provide a rapid energy boost, which can be useful for strenuous activity and maintaining energy levels throughout the day. Black raisins include Potassium, which is essential for muscular function and recovery from exercise. Including Black Raisins in post-workout snacks or meals can assist replace electrolytes and aid muscle repair

Q. Black Raisins Benefits For Female

A. Black Raisins are loaded with Calcium & Boron, which are crucial for keeping your bones strong and healthy. This is especially important for women, as they're more prone to bone issues as they age. Trying to shed some pounds? Black Raisins are a low-fat, low-calorie snack that can help you feel full and satisfied without packing on extra pounds.

Q. Black Raisins Benefits In Pregnancy

A. They're packed with all sorts of essential nutrients that are super beneficial for both the mom-to-be and her growing baby during pregnancy. Now, let's talk about constipation – it's a common struggle for many pregnant women, right? But guess what? These fibre-rich Black Raisins help ease constipation and those uncomfortable tummy pains, making life a little easier for moms-to-be.

Q. 10 Black Raisins Calories

A. There are approximately 33 Calories in 10 Black Raisins (Munakka).

Q. Black Raisins Calories 100g

A. Black Raisins contain approximately 373 Calories per 100 grams.

Q. Black Raisins In India Online

A. Ministry Of Nuts offers 200 grams of Black Raisins (Munakka) for Rs. 159.

Q. Munakka Vs Kishmish

A. Munakka is like the superhero of Raisins, especially for people with low iron levels. These raisins are larger, darker, and slightly chewier than the more usual golden brown "Kishmish".

Customer Reviews

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Diksha Singh
Got These Kishmish At A Discounted Price

I wish there was a container pack for these Black Raisins because I like to stock them for a month. I love the quality of these Raisins and how easy it is to reorder when the time comes. They are usually fresh, and I enjoy using them in muffins and desserts. I got these Black Raisins at a discount because I added them to my cart after seeing their WhatsApp Community offer message.

Gauri Sinha
My Kid Love Chewing These Black Raisins

As a single working mother, Ministry Of Nuts gives me the ability to feed my infant an array of delicious & nutrient-packed snack that I feel good about. Being a healthy snack company, I don’t have to worry about what I’m providing her and what she’s honestly consuming. She loves chewing these Black Raisins.

Leena Majhi
Great Customer Support Service

I appreciate the communication from the customer support service. I had some issues adding Black Raisins to my cart. So, I contacted Ministry of Nuts' customer support team, and the representative was extremely helpful and patient. I received these Kishmish on time, and they are of excellent quality. Thanks!!!

Lisa Kumari
Ease Of Resealable Packaging Of Black Raisins Allows For Longer Storage

I was looking for Black Raisins online when I came across a post from the Ministry Of Nuts in my Instagram feed. As I recall, the post was about the benefits of Black Raisins. I placed an order. It takes the guesswork out of what to provide kids with snacks when they get home in the evening. Furthermore, the ease of resealable packaging allows for longer storage times. Adding the beneficial iron to their diet with these Black Raisins has greatly helped.

Joshna Singh
The Best Quality Of Black Raisins

I got the outstanding nutritional value of Black Raisins and the best quality that I am unlikely to find in supermarkets. It's so convenient, and I'm secure in what I'm providing my family! The nicest aspect is that it comes in beautifully designed resealable packaging. We are rest assured that our littles are getting the best nutrients possible, but we also get a much-needed break.