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Sundried Raisins (200g) I Kishmish

  • Price - 239.00  (MRP Incl. all taxes)
  • Our Sun Dried Raisins or Sundried Kishmish are made with export-quality grapes.
  • A rich source of Iron and B-Complex Vitamins.
  • Dried through sun drying process & they're free from sulphur.
  • Swap our sun-dried raisins for sugar in your desserts & baked goods.
  • Enjoy Free Shipping above Rs. 499.
Whole Dried Cranberry

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Whole Dried Cranberry
Whole Dried Cranberry
Whole Dried Cranberry

Popular Searches

Q. Sundried Raisins Benefits

A. Raisins are nutrient-dense dried grapes. They have a lot of Fibre, which aids in digestion and prolongs feelings of fullness. They also include Vitamins and Minerals like Potassium and Iron, which are beneficial to overall health. Raisins can enhance energy while also serving as a quick and easy snack.

Q. Sundried Raisins Benefits For Females

A. Raisins have a high Iron content, making them especially helpful for ladies. Iron is required to form red blood cells and prevent Anaemia, which is more common in women, particularly during menstrual cycles. Raisins are also abundant in Calcium, which is beneficial to bones, as well as Antioxidants, which improve overall health.

Q. Sundried Raisins Benefits For Men

A. Raisins include a high concentration of Antioxidants, which help protect cells and support cardiovascular health. They also contain Potassium, which is necessary for blood pressure regulation, as well as B Vitamins, which help with energy production and metabolism. They also contain high levels of Boron, a mineral associated with increased testosterone levels, which may boost male reproductive health and desire.

Q. Sundried Raisins Benefits For Skin

A. Good-for-you Antioxidants like resveratrol are present in Raisins. Our cells are protected from free radicals by these Antioxidants. Free radicals can harm cells and accelerate skin ageing. Additionally, nutrients like Potassium and Magnesium, which support moisturised and healthy skin, are also found in Raisins.

Q. Sundried Raisins For Iron Deficiency

A. Raisins are a natural source of Iron, making them a great addition to the diet for those with Iron deficiency or Anaemia. Iron is essential for making Haemoglobin in red blood cells, which carry oxygen throughout the body. Including Raisins in your diet can help increase Iron intake and prevent or alleviate symptoms of deficiency.

Q. Soaked Raisins Benefits

A. Soaking Raisins before consuming them can make them easier to digest and enhance their nutrient absorption by our body

Q. Raisins With Milk At Night Benefits

A. Melatonin can be found naturally in Raisins. A hormone that improves our sleep quality.

Q. Sundried Raisins Calories

A. A single ounce, or roughly 28 grams, of Raisins has about 85 Calories.

Q. Sundried Raisins Nutrition

A. Fibre, which promotes digestive health, is abundant in Raisins. An ounce of Raisins contains 4% of the daily required amount of Potassium. They also include Iron, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B6.

Q. Kishmish Benefits For Weight Loss

A. Kishmish, also known as Raisins, have significant Fibre content, making them good for a weight loss diet. Fibre increases feelings of fullness, which lowers total Calorie intake and aids in weight loss.

Q. Sundried Kishmish Price

A. Ministry of Nuts offers 200 grams of Raisins at Rs. 239.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Reet Kaur
Best Quality Sundried Raisins Online In India!

My husband and I visited India a few months ago for our mini vacation. I bet you won’t find refined sugar in our house. For making all those desserts from kheer to smoothies, I use Raisins. After seeing a post of sun-Dried Raisins in my Instagram feed, I ordered them from here. I love the taste of these Sun-dried Raisins and would recommend them to all my health-conscious friends.

Meetali Chauhaun
Enjoying Sundried Raisins Benefits!

My son gets so excited to have his own snacks and he feels very independent by feeding himself these delicious Sundried Raisins by himself (he is 6). It also makes me happy that instead of sugary chocolates, he is eating healthy and nutritious. I tried these Raisins myself too as Raisins are beneficial for women because of their high iron content.

Kanika Agarwal
Hygienic Packaging And On Time Delivery!

As an adult, I've tried Raisins from different marts, but I was not happy with the quality, as some of them inside the pack were not fresh. Then, a friend of mine suggested this brand. These Sun-dried Raisins taste as good as they should. I will try their other Kishmish varieties too.

Lipika Acharya
I Make Sundried Raisins Oatmeal For My Kids!

My baby refused all solids until we found Ministry Of Nuts. Now, I make raisin oatmeal for him, and he actually enjoys eating it. I love the fact that it's made using the sun-drying process and has no sulphur in it. This gives me the assurance that it's completely safe for my kids.

Meenu goel
These Sundried Raisins Have Eliminated By Habit Of Eating Junk.

As a busy working professional outside the home, these Sun-dried Raisins have been a lifesaver! I’m able to carry them in my bag, and I munch on them whenever those hunger pangs strike. Earlier, I had a habit of buying and eating junk snacks from local stores in a hurry. But now, I am gradually shifting towards eating nutritious snacks. I have been enjoying the benefits of Sundried Raisins.

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